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Computers from Big Box Stores Are Not Meant for Business

The Shortcomings of Consumer-Grade Computers Brian, our new client and CEO of “Media Dome, Inc,” had recently purchased seven laptops for his employees from the local Best Buy. Because the computers hadn’t been unboxed, we recommended that they be returned and exchanged for the equivalent business-class Lenovo Thinkpad laptops, which are made with higher quality […]

How Fax Has Become a Security Risk

Our client “Olympia Publishing, Inc” recently decided to outsource their website, and to save time and paper, Suzanne from HR, asked if they could accept job applications online. Their web developer would collect all of the application data and email it to Olympia’s HR department. Everything sounds good so far, right? Well, Olympia was collecting the […]

I Do Not Get Paid $60,000 a Year to Watch Netflix

The Truth About Internet Monitoring and Content Filtering Not too long ago, we were hired by “Local Valley Construction, Inc.”, their first standardization project was an update to their network. Because we were using Cisco Meraki equipment, we offered to put some web content filtering rules in place. Local Valley’s CEO, George decided against this step, […]

Surprising Risks of Not Archiving Email Properly

Recently we took over all the technology needs of “Awesome Realty, Inc.” Awesome Realty purchased Microsoft’s Office 365, before we started with them from “We Can Do IT Cheap” a local IT company. They chose the cheapest plan, and proceeded to move everyone’s email over to the new system. They were told they now had archiving and larger […]

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Your IT?

Outsourcing your IT department is definitely a decision that no business owner should take lightly, regardless of size. Choosing to keep everything in-house means that every last server, desktop and even kilobyte of information is under your complete control at all times. However, it also makes this all your responsibility – if something goes wrong, […]

Demystifying “The Cloud”  

Unfortunately, “the cloud” has become something of a marketing buzzword in recent years. This has only led to a great deal of confusion regarding exactly what it is, what it does and (most importantly) why you should care in the first place. Is the cloud a trend that will soon disappear like so many others […]

What is a vCIO and Why Do I Need One as a Small Business?

If you run a small business, then there’s a good chance that you’re also functioning as your company’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). And if this is the case, then you’re likely all too familiar with how much time and effort it takes to stay on top of all your company’s daily technology needs. At the […]